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Stress FREE Holiday Shopping!!!

Posted December 12, 2019

The Holidays are upon us and if you are a parent, you are likely stressing over finding the perfect gifts for your kids. Instead of fighting the crowds at the mall this year why don’t you instead put together a shopping plan that will make the Holidays a little easier…

Fiscal Tricks and Treats: 5 Simple Steps for a Brighter Financial Future

Posted October 31, 2019

If your finances are more frightening than The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, treat yourself to these five tricks so your financial future doesn’t end up a horror story! Have you ever been all alone and all of the sudden things just don’t feel right, like maybe the hair starts standing…

Financial Literacy For Kids

Posted October 1, 2019

A wise person once told me that values and traits are mostly caught not taught. Does that mean that we shouldn’t teach children about money? No! However, it does mean that we should practice good money behaviors and reinforce those behaviors through financial literacy. In layman’s terms, that means that…

How to Save Money by Cutting Expenses

Posted March 4, 2019

The concept of saving money by cutting expenses may not be top of mind for you. When I was a young soldier serving in the United States Army, I thought the only way to save money was by earning more money. However, earning more money is not the answer to…


Posted December 29, 2018

My good friend Pastor Joy Hunt with @RealWorldBibleStudy is offering my #socialmedia followers her 6 Week #Bible Study for PRE-ORDER at a 50% discount!!! If your New Year’s resolution was to spend more time with God in His Word and you find it difficult to sticking with a #Bible study…

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